CPP - Certified Payment Processing


Payment Processing…now and into the future

March 27, 2012

We recently unveiled our new line of payment processing terminals, under the brand name Proxima.  As part of the roll out, we’ve created a stunning video, showing some of the unique features of this new terminal. Check it out HERE.

Proxima has everything a merchant needs for today and tomorrow. It’s able to handle credit and debit cards, EBT, gift cards and checks, when combined with one of our check readers. And Proxima is ready for the future of payment processing, with the ability to handle mobile payments, contactless and EMV smart cards, which is the next generation of payment needs for customers.

Currently, we have two Proxima models available—the Proxima X5 and X2. There will be a wireless version released later this year.

The Proxima X5 sports a vivid, full-color screen, and both models have a large, easy to read backlit keypad, which is useful in low-light environments.  In addition, the Proxima X5 is equipped to handle mobile payments, contactless payments and EMV smart cards.

Both versions have the latest security technology, protecting the financial data of the merchant as well as the customer. The terminal is password protected for the administrator, making it safer in a multi-user environment by limiting voids or returns by unauthorized individuals. Receipts are customizable, and the terminals work on either a dial-up or Ethernet connection.

Certified Payment Processing (CPP) is a full-service provider of electronic payment equipment for processing purchases made by debit and credit cards, as well as checks and online purchases, in addition to a range of other specialized merchant services. For nearly 20 years, CPP has helped small and medium-sized businesses increase revenue, control costs, improve efficiency, enhance processing security, and provide their customers with the most popular payment methods. With three sales entities -- TransTech Merchant Group, ISIS Direct and Summit Merchant Solutions -- CPP has more than 40,000 active merchants and transactions in excess of $3 billion. CPP has a support staff of 330 people to provide assistance to hundreds of field sales representatives across the country, and is headquartered just outside of Dallas, Texas.